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Yachting The BVIs: A 7-Day Itinerary in British Virgin Islands

Eager for some yachting in the BVIs this spring?

All set in turquoise waters, the British Virgin Islands form a volcanic archipelago with four main islands and 32 smaller ones. This location, world-renowned for its reef-lined beaches, dive sites, and idyllic anchorages invites you to explore its exotic allure. Seven days of island hopping aboard a yacht in the BVIs unveils its beauty and why it’s considered one of the grandest cruising grounds in luxury yachting.

This 7-day itinerary is tailored for Exclusive Yacht Members at ‘Belicoso’ level and above, allowing you to experience the British Virgin Islands’ beauty without hassle. Available for between 910 – 1260 YachtPoints plus provisions*, this trip aboard a select yacht from our fleet ensures a blend of adventure and relaxation in the heart of the BVIs. *Note: Additional costs for provisions can be quoted in member YachtPoints™.

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Ready to step aboard and let seven days become lifelong memories? Let’s set sail!

Day 1: Beef Island, Tortola — Peter Island


Your journey starts upon landing at Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, nestled on Beef Island. This welcoming gateway is conveniently close to the marina, allowing for a seamless transition from plane to yacht. As you descend, catch glimpses from above of the crystal-clear waters and maybe even spot Peter Island, your first anchorage in this Caribbean paradise.

Hop aboard the yacht and let the crew welcome you aboard. Take a seat under the sun with a cocktail in hand as the captain sets course south, marking the start of seven unforgettable days to come.

Exclusive Yachts - scenic beach on beef island
Exclusive Yachts - Cooper Island beach view

Cistern Point


A brief cruise brings you to Cooper Island and the picture-perfect shores of Manchioneel Bay, a haven for underwater adventurers. Nestled at the southern tip, a rocky outcrop extends into the sea. Known as Cistern Point, it offers one of the premier shallow dive and snorkeling locations in the British Virgin Islands. In the clear waters ranging from 10 to 40 feet deep, find yourself diving among spotted eagle rays, queen angelfish, schools of sergeant majors, roaming jacks, and elusive bands of gray snappers.

Sprat Bay


Continue your voyage southwest towards Peter Island and tonight’s anchorage, Sprat Bay. As you approach, the bay welcomes you with swaying coconut trees and quaint beachside bungalows. Secure your spot in the marina and get ready for an evening of culinary delights, just a stroll away at Deadman’s Bay.

Exclusive Yachts - Peter Island sprat bay ariel view
Settle into the laid-back ambiance at Deadman’s Beach Bar and Grill, where the white sand meets the sea. Kick off the evening with a refreshing appetizer cocktail as you take your time to peruse their selection of American barbecue favorites and local seafood specialties. Dine in a casual atmosphere accompanied by the music of local musicians, all while the sun dips below the horizon and paints the sky with vibrant hues.

Day 2: Peter Island — Norman Island

Awaken in Sprat Bay and savor breakfast on the aft deck as you venture further southwest. Today’s voyage is a gentle cruise through history, tracing the routes once navigated by pirates of the 17th century in the British Virgin Islands. As you sail these historic waters, you’ll discover colorful marine life and peaceful coves bathed in sunlight.

Your destination for the evening is Norman Island, known in lore as a refuge where weary pirates would recuperate after tumultuous sea battles and conceal their treasures.

Exclusive Yachts - Normal Island ariel view
Exclusive Yachts - The indians islets with a yacht

The Indians 


Treasure-hunting aside, X marks the spot for unmatched underwater discovery at The Indians dive spot. This natural wonder consists of four rocky pinnacles that tower approximately 49 feet above the surface. A snorkeling adventure here reveals an underwater realm, adorned with colorful coral gardens teeming with soft and hard corals.

Navigate through a 49-foot-long tunnel, swim with schools of tropical fishes, and encounter one of the Caribbean’s most cherished residents—the sea turtles.

The Bight Bay 


As the day wanes, the calm of the evening anchorage embraces you. Located on the north shore of Norman Island, The Bight is where your crew will anchor the yacht as you prepare for a culinary ending to your second day. Rumor has it that this bay harbors the finest appetizer in the British Virgin Islands — the Coconut Shrimp at Pirates Bight.

Hop on the tender and take a detour to the iconic floating bar Willy T’s, for a unique local experience before dining. Step ashore to savor the authentic Caribbean flavors offered by Pirates Bight, and let traditional cuisines and the laid-back ambiance mark the conclusion of day two.

Exclusive Yachts - Pirate bight restraunt and bay

Day 3: Norman Island — Bitter End, Virgin Gorda

Wake up to the golden sunrise over Norman Island. Start another day in paradise with breakfast under the warming sun as you set your course further north. Today’s cruise gives you a taste of the slow-paced lifestyle in Spanish Town and takes you to Bitter End Yacht Club at Virgin Gorda. If you’re lucky, an entourage of dolphins may accompany you as you make your way up north.
Exclusive Yachts - spanish town view in the british virgin islands

The first stop-over of the day is at the marina in St. Thomas Bay, located in the heart of Spanish Town. This island embodies the Caribbean dream, from its relaxed pace of life to the smell of tropical flowers and freshly grilled lobster that wafts through the air wherever you go. Take your time to wander and soak in the town’s enchanting charm. Make a stop at Coco Maya for lunch, where the Grilled Local Snapper guarantees to elevate the local feel of your visit.

Bitter End Yacht Club


After soaking up the local ambiance in Spanish Town, return to your vessel and set course for Bitter End located at the northern point of Virgin Gorda. This anchorage surrounded by hilly islands and calm waters, serves as an ideal setting for the next leg of your journey north to Anegada.

Secure your spot at the Bitter End Yacht Club and prepare for an evening of al fresco dining at the base of a lush, forested mountain. As the day draws to a close, let the art presented by your private chef and the breathtaking sunset mark a perfect conclusion to day three.

Exclusive Yachts - Virgin Gorda ariel drone shot of the island

Day 4: Virgin Gorda — Anegada

Wake up to the gentle rhythm of waves and set sight on the exotic allure of Anegada. Unspoiled, very lightly developed, and uncrowded, Anegada emerges as an oasis in the Caribbean. This coral island is renowned for its vivid wildlife and long stretches of white beaches that are surrounded by one of the world’s largest continuous barrier reefs.

Flamingo Pond


A visit to Anegada wouldn’t be complete without flamingo spotting at the Flamingo Pond. This saltwater lagoon is a sanctuary that becomes a stage for these exotic birds, especially in the early morning when they are most lively. Arrive early equipped with binoculars and a camera, and prepare to capture the contrast of the flamingos’ vivid pink plumage against the waters of the pond.

Exclusive Yachts - pair of flamingos in the carribean
Exclusive Yachts - Anegada island in the biritsh virgin islands

Setting Point

After some flamingo watching, return to your yacht and navigate towards Setting Point. Step ashore and rent a jeep or scooter to truly embrace the afternoon’s exploration of the landscape. It’s an opportunity to mingle with the island’s friendly locals, discover charming shops, and immerse yourself in the laid-back island vibe.

As the day transitions into evening, find that Setting Point offers arguably the most beautiful sunsets in the British Virgin Islands. Hop ashore and savor local cuisines for dinner, make sure you order the island’s specialty — fresh grilled lobster. While there are no bad places to enjoy this specialty, we suggest visiting the beachside restaurant The Lobster Trap. Serving the day’s catch, this dinner guarantees a memorable meal against the backdrop of a breathtaking Anegada sunset.

Day 5: Anegada — Scrub Island

As the first light of dawn breaks, it’s time to bid farewell to the peaceful allure of Anegada. Begin the fifth day of your yachting adventure with breakfast as a 45-minute cruise guides you toward Scrub Island. This once uninhabited island has since 2010 transformed into a hub of luxury, attracting travelers from around the world eager to indulge in its exclusive atmosphere and marine surroundings.

But first, a stop over at Great Dog.



Great Dog


Anchor on the southern side of Great Dog and take the day to unwind. Pick and choose from the wide array of water toys available on your yacht, or dive into the underwater world beneath the surface. This archipelago serves as an ideal playground for thrilling water sports and exceptional diving experiences.

Ascending the depths unveils an underwater landscape teeming with colorful coral formations, exotic fish, and sharks. For those looking to put the scuba gear to use, a sunken plane lies in wait at a depth of 45 feet — offering a unique underwater exploration.

Exclusive Yachts -  The Dogs islands in the british virgin islands
Exclusive Yachts - Scrub island in the british virgin islands

Scrub Island Resort 


Once you’ve had your fill of water activities, let a swift cruise take you to the stunning bay nestled between the hilly landscapes of Great Camanoe and Scrub Island. West End Bay is tonight’s anchorage and the home of Scrub Island Resort. Let the seamless blend of luxury and untouched nature welcome you as you make your entrance, setting the stage for a perfect conclusion of day five.

Depending on your arrival time, we recommend mooring in the marina and taking the opportunity to step ashore for a massage or spa session at the resort. Following your relaxation, return to the comfort of your yacht where a dinner awaits, rounding off the evening against the backdrop of this beautiful island.

Day 6: Scrub Island — Jost Van Dyke

Wake up in the calm surroundings of Scrub Island. Enjoy breakfast as the world around you comes to life and prepare to set sail once again. Today’s 12-nautical-mile journey swaps the tranquility of Scrub Island with the lively shores of Jost Van Dyke. Often celebrated for its lively atmosphere, this island also boasts some of the most stunning beaches and natural landscapes in the BVIs.
Exclusive Yachts - Jost Van Dyke lsland in the british virgin islands
Exclusive Yachts - the bubbly pool on jost van dyke island in the bvi's

Bubbly Pool


Upon arrival at Jost Van Dyke, start with a walk from Diamond Cay to the famed Bubbly Pool. This wonder is a natural Jacuzzi, created as ocean waves funnel through a narrow gap in the coastal boulders on the island’s northeastern shore. It’s an exceptional way to kick off your day on Jost, blending the peacefulness of the surroundings with the dynamic energy of the ocean.

White Bay


Return to the yacht for lunch while setting sail towards the southwestern shores of Jost Van Dyke and White Bay. This bay is celebrated for its jaw-dropping white beach, often hailed as one of the finest in the Caribbean. Soak up the sun, take a stroll along the beach, or stop by the Soggy Dollar Bar for the world-renowned Painkiller cocktail that embodies the island’s unmistakable vibe.

Exclusive Yachts -  jost van dyke scenic view in the bvi's
When the evening arrives, dinner is served at Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant in the neighboring Great Harbour. This restaurant is revered as one of the top dining spots in the British Virgin Islands, offering a casual setting to enjoy local culinary delights. From appetizing conch fritters and lobster ceviche to scallops and whole red snapper — a dinner at Corsairs will satisfy even the most refined palates.

Day 7: Jost Van Dyke — Beef Island, Tortola


Wake up as the rising sun casts its first rays over White Bay, marking the final day of your 7-day journey in paradise. Step ashore to savor the morning’s delights offered by the local beachside eateries, take one last refreshing dip, and then let a calm cruise back towards Beef Island.

Treasure each nautical mile as you make your way back, carrying with you the satisfaction of having explored some of the most magnificent destinations the British Virgin Islands have to offer over seven days.

Exclusive Yachts - Scenic view of jost van dyke at twilight
Exclusive Yachts - scenic view of the british virgin islands

Private Exit From Terrance B. Lettsome


For those looking to wrap up their BVI getaway in a continuous touch of luxury, a private departure from Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport is the given choice. Board your private jet, settle into a window seat, and let the bird’s-eye view unfold a visual recap of the locations you’ve explored. This final touch is the perfect closure to an incredible journey that surpassed all expectations — a journey that will linger in your mind forever.

Aligned with our commitment to offering our members Yachting… Smarter, this itinerary has been created to ensure your visit to the British Virgin Islands is as hassle-free as it should be. This seven-day escape with Exclusive Yachts™ is designed to allow you to hop aboard the yacht with great expectations and hop off with the fulfillment of all your expectations.