Co-founders Bill Charbonneau and Josh Linkner were brought together by a love for experiences on the water and wanting to share that joy with people around the world. Add to the mix Scott Stuckmann, a seasoned international CEO, and together with a talented EY team, they are on a quest to take an innovative approach to yachting in order to maximize convenience, value, and enjoyment.

Captain Bill launched his yacht-charter business in 2006, offering half- and full-day charters aboard his Formula 37’ in the waters off of Naples, Florida. By 2013, rebranded as Naples Nantucket Yacht Charter Group (NNYG), Bill had built a quality reputation in the Naples community and had a growing fleet. Over the last 16 years, Bill and his wife Jacquie have served over 3,000 charter guests and have continued to expand outside of Southwest Florida to include the Florida East Coast, The Bahamas, and the Northeast during the summer months.

Several years ago Bill gained a valuable customer in avid charterer, Josh Linkner—a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who chartered Bill’s vessels repeatedly. As a happy customer, Josh saw an opportunity to bring the joys of yachting to a larger audience. Adding global business perspective with CEO Scott, plus a celebrated author on yachting customer experience in CMO Julie Perry, and a dynamic industry expert in former yacht captain Lou Clark as Head of Sales, and the team is re-inventing and contemporizing yachting.

Values are our core, innovation is our way, enabling customer delight is our mission, and yachting is our passion. Simply put, we deliver Yachting. Smarter.



We embody and cultivate muditā, which is to find joy in others’ happiness and success.

Our vision is to transform the world of yachting, making extraordinary at-sea experiences more accessible, convenient, reliable, and affordable for more people. We aim to become the global leader in yacht membership programs, serving thousands of families and businesses and helping them create indelible memories through our innovative alternative to yacht ownership and ad-hoc chartering.

Delivering Yachting. Smarter. means removing the pain points, hassles, and expense of yachting in order to maximize our members’ time and enjoyment at sea.



Bill Charbonneau - Chief Yachting Officer - Exclusive Yachts

Bill Charbonneau

Co-Founder & Chief Yachting Officer

Scott Stuckmann - CEO - Exclusive Yachts

Scott Stuckmann


Lou Clark - Head of Sales - Exclusive Yachts

Lou Clark

Head of Sales

Julie Perry - Chief Marketing and Experience Officer - Exclusive Yachts

Julie Perry

Chief Marketing & Experience Officer

Jacquie Charbonneau - Operations - Exclusive Yachts

Jacquie Charbonneau

Director of Operations

Kelly Carr - Director of Member Experiences - Exclusive Yachts

Kelly Carr

Director of Member Experiences

Exclusive Yachts Executive Team
Exclusive Yachts Executive Team at Launch Party



Muditā Venture Partners

Josh Linkner - Exclusive Yachts Co-Founder and Investor - Headshot

Josh Linkner

Rebecca Yellen - Investor and Chief Ambassador at Exclusive Yachts

Rebecca Yellen