A Simple and Refreshing Alternative to Traditional Yacht Ownership and Chartering

The cornerstone of Exclusive Yachts’ membership program is our ability to deliver a wide variety of yachts of all vessel classes to a discerning client base for a set fee. You’ll enjoy lower costs, more reliability, increased safety, and more enjoyment all round! What could be easier?

Simply put, it’s Yachting. Smarter.



It’s easy to start your journey with Exclusive Yachts. Your only priority is deciding where and when you want to head out on the water!

Join Exclusive Yachts

A one-time initiation fee makes you a member for life, with a dedicated EY Concierge who will get to know you, your family, and your preferences for spending time on the water.

Enjoy Annual YachtPoints™️

Decide on the best membership level for you to access enriching yachting experiences around the world. An annual fee gives you an allotment of yearly YachtPoints™️ that you can spend.

Redeem Your YachtPoints™️ for Days on the Water

Simply select your date, destination, and vessel class and your EY Concierge will craft a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience based wholly on your desires.

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Redeem your Exclusive Yachts YachtPoints™️ for days and experiences on the water.

  • Cover the costs of all typical charter extras, from dockage and fuel through to taxes—and even crew tips
  • Ensure the highest standards of vessel quality, privacy, safety, and service
  • Include a dedicated white-glove concierge service to address and serve your every whim
  • Provide flexibility to further customize your experience through our simplified booking app, email, or phone




While yachting offers the ultimate escape from the pressures of everyday life, it’s undeniable that the costs and headaches associated with ownership and chartering have become overwhelming and unpredictable, often falling short on reliability, service, and quality.

Life is too short and too busy to add unnecessary tension to our precious time off.

Now there is a smarter way forward. ExclusiveYachts™️ delivers an infinitely better, simpler, and more streamlined way to plan and spend your time on the water. Minimizing logistics, financial costs, and stress while maximizing your time, enjoyment, and overall experience at sea.



  • Privacy

    A private yachting membership club welcoming just 50 families each year to maintain the quality and exclusivity of our customized and bespoke service.

  • Consistency & Familiarity:

    You are part of the club. We know you and your preferences so when you step aboard any vessel in the EY fleet, we can promise it will instantly feel like home.

  • Flexibility:

    Exclusive Yachts provides a varied and diverse fleet of luxury vessels that range in size for customized experiences…perfect for every occasion, from intimate family gatherings to large-scale corporate days out.

  • Trust:

    Our over 50 years collective yachting and hospitality experience means you can leave the logistics to us. We manage many of the yachts in our fleet and all are vetted by our team to ensure they meet our discerning standards.

  • Value:

    YachtPoints™️ cover what are typically additional charter costs: dockage, fuel, crew – even crew tips, a massive cost advantage compared to ownership.

  • Quality Service:

    From personal white-glove concierge service when booking through to your onboard experience, rest assured in the knowledge that our crew provide intuitive, efficient, 5-star service, as well as security, and safety at sea.

  • Reliability:

    Compared to the unavoidable headaches associated with ownership and chartering, our service is a breath of fresh air, offering dependability and, above all, certainty. With nothing left to chance, you can swerve anxiety to concentrate on creating amazing memories.

  • Hassle-Free Planning:

    Enjoy seamless, straightforward planning via your dedicated EY Concierge through our booking app, email, or by phone.


asked questions.

When I use my points, what’s included (and what is not)?
A: Included: Full day usage of the boat (up to eight hours), crew, baseline fuel, tips, taxes, docking, water, and towels. Not included: excess fuel, food + beverage, transportation, or optional water toys.
What if I want to use more points than I signed up for each year?
A: You can purchase additional points at the price of your current tier. You’re allowed to purchase as many points as you wish up to the next tier amount.
Can I pause my membership?
A: Yes, you can pause for one year with written notice.
Can friends and family use my membership and points?
A: Immediate family members can use your points at any time without you. Extended family, friends, or business colleagues can use your points without you if you are a Churchill Member.
Are there any blackout days or Premium Days?
A: Yes. Premium Days (such as the week between Christmas and New Years) are charged at a 50% point premium. Some locations will have point premiums which will be communicated prior to booking. There are occasional blackout days, primarily for scheduled maintenance.
Does the company own the yachts/boats in the fleet?
A: Exclusive Yachts owns some of the yachts in our fleet. Many are under exclusive use agreements as mentioned above, meaning the owners allow limited use by Exclusive Yachts members. The rest are carefully selected by our team, meeting the highest standards of quality, safety, and cleanliness.
Do you charter the boats/yachts in the membership fleet when they are not used by members?
A: Many of our yachts are under exclusive use agreements with the owners. In some cases, we do allow charter with our fleet, which allows us to keep our costs as low as possible for members. That said, members have advance booking priority so it shouldn’t impact your membership usage.