Member Spotlight: Chris & Jessica Zazo of Hailstone Vineyards

In the world of fine wines and luxurious yachting, it’s the passion and dedication of individuals like Chris and Jessica Zazo that elevate experiences from memorable to truly exceptional. As proud founding members of Exclusive Yachts and the visionary founders of Hailstone Vineyards, the Zazos have seamlessly blended the artistry of winemaking with the splendor of yachting, offering an unparalleled experience to those who share their love for the finer things in life.

Today, we shine a spotlight on their journey, their contributions, and how they’ve become integral to our Exclusive Yachts Member community and the success of a recent set of Naples Sunset Cruises for both current members and club prospects.

Hailstone Vineyards: A Legacy of Passion and Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, Hailstone Vineyards stands as a testament to Chris and Jessica Zazo’s journey from the stormy weather of roof restoration in Dallas to the serene vineyards of California. (“Hailstone” is a nod to the stormy weather his life once revolved around.)

A native of the Midwest, Chris’s transition from a successful roofing business to pursuing his passion for wine was inspired by the captivating beauty of Napa Valley. Alongside Jessica, they have crafted Hailstone Vineyards into a boutique winery known for its dedication to quality, community, and the pure joy of winemaking.

Exclusive Yachts - Chris and Jessica Zazo of Hailstone Vineyards
Hailstone Vineyards Winery Award-Winning Wines

Chris and Jessica’s commitment goes beyond the vineyard; it extends into intimate wine dinners, charitable contributions, and a genuine connection with their followers. Chris and Jessica now share their time between Naples, Florida and Napa with their dogs Ainsley and Dutton.

Chris and Jessica Zazo of Hailstone Vineyards in Napa with their dogs Ainsley and Dutton
Hailstone Vineyard Wine - Crisp, sultry white wines and a signature dry rosé crafted by Hailstone Vineyard. Ideal for menu pairings and warm summer days.
Chris and Jessica Zazo of Hailstone Vineyards
Hailstone ICE

Whether in Naples, Florida, or Napa, California, the Zazos’ lives revolve around bringing their exceptional wines to connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike, fostering a community of wine lovers across the nation.

Hosting Wine + Yachting Sunset Cruises to Remember

It’s this spirit of community and passion for excellence that led to the unforgettable collaboration between Exclusive Yachts and Hailstone Vineyards. Back in March, Chris and Jessica co-hosted a sunset wine cruise with Exclusive Yachts that was nothing short of magical. Taking place aboard our fabulous 44-ft Aquila Power Catamaran Flybridge, guests were treated to a selection of Hailstone’s finest wines, perfectly paired with gourmet hors d’oeuvres by Chef David Rashty, against the backdrop of Naples’ breathtaking sunset.

Check out these video highlights of our March Hailstone Wine + Yachting sunset cruise below…

The stunning views, delicious food, and wonderful company made for a truly unforgettable evening! 🛥️🍷We even had dolphins join us, playing alongside as we embarked on an enchanting cruise from the picturesque Naples, setting sail towards the serene waters of Gordon’s Pass, adjacent to the exclusive Port Royal area.

The cruise offered not just a journey across the water, but an unforgettable experience, blending luxury, gastronomy, and the natural beauty of Naples, Florida at sunset.

Join Us for the Next Exclusive Yachts & Hailstone Sunset Cruises


Due to the overwhelming success of our first venture, we are thrilled to announce a second Hailstone Wine + Yachting Sunset Cruise coming up in April. (Dates and time being revealed privately.)

As we once again set sail from Naples Bay Resort aboard the 44′ Aquila Power Catamaran Flybridge, we look forward to another evening where luxury meets the warmth of community. This upcoming cruise is a celebration of the partnership between Exclusive Yachts and Hailstone Vineyards, offering our members and guests another opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of Naples at sunset, the luxury of Exclusive Yachts, and the exquisite taste of Hailstone wines.

In fact, we are looking to add perhaps two dates in April and one in May on one of our Palm Beach-based yachts.

To secure your spot on an upcoming journey and to experience the epitome of yachting luxury, please reach out to Scott Eglinton, Exclusive Yachts’ Director of Memberships. Please note that invites are extended to current members of Exclusive Yachts, referrals from members, and qualified prospects for membership.

Let’s raise a glass to the allure of the sea and the exquisite flavors of Hailstone Vineyards — embracing the luxury and camaraderie that define the Exclusive Yachts experience. Cheers!


Invitation to April Event with Exclusive Yachts and Hailstone Vineyard's Chris and Jessica Zazo - taking place in Naples, FL
Exclusive Yachts Testimonial - Chris and Jessica Zazo - Hailstone Vineyards - Founding Members of EY