Bahamas Yacht GetawayItinerary – 5-Day Exumas Cruise

Curious to explore the Bahamian allure this spring on a yacht getaway? With Exclusive Yachts, get ready to experience balmy temperatures, historic landmarks, and idyllic anchorages that epitomize the ultimate cruising grounds for luxury yachts.

Whether seeking a tranquil escape from the daily grind, or a lively celebration with friends, The Bahamas present the given choice for a yacht getaway. Bounded by an array of coral islands and secluded cays nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, every whim and desire finds its match here.

This five-day odyssey invites Exclusive Yacht Members at ‘Belicoso’ level and above to traverse the Caribbean’s azure waters aboard our available superyachts ranging from 90′ to 110′. Depending on your choice of yacht, this trip is available for between 650 – 900 YachtPoints™️, covering everything but provisions.*
*Note: Provision costs are extra and can be quoted in member YachtPoints™.

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Your journey starts in the capital of Nassau, a city steeped in piratical lore and Bahamian charm. Arrive one day in advance to immerse yourself in its rich tapestry—luxuriate in world-class resorts, savor local cuisine, shop, or dance the night away in one of the many nightclubs.

Ready to set sail? Thought so… Let the voyage begin!

Day 1: Nassau — Compass Cay


Departing with the first light of dawn from Bay Street Marina, the morning sun casts a golden glow over the houses on Paradise Island, setting the stage for your 66-nautical-mile voyage south to Compass Cay.

With the pulsating capital of Nassau in your back, glide through the sapphire waters toward the Exumas at your own pace. This voyage to Compass Cay, though relatively brief, is dotted with enchanting stopovers, inviting even the most reserved swimmer to plunge into the crystalline depths, with coral reefs and pristine dunes awaiting.

Exclusive Yachts - Nassau, Bahamas
Exclusive Yachts - beach in exumas cays land and sea park


Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park


Among the abundance of marvels, cruising the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park stands out as a given route. Although not a single location, this marine sanctuary is a testament to nature’s splendor, housing some of the most dazzling coral reefs in the Bahamas. Here, a simple snorkel transforms into an intimate encounter with the array of marine life, offering a spectacle of hues that will etch itself into your memory.

Compass Cay


Arriving at Compass Cay, a welcome committee of Nurse Sharks may greet you at the marina. On this island, every beach tells a story from the sweeping arcs of Crescent Beach to the natural wonders of Rachel’s Bubble Bath, where the ocean crafts its natural spa. Embrace the chance to swim alongside the gentle ‘sea puppies’ at the pier, an experience that promises to be both serene and unforgettable.

Dine under the Bahamian sky, whether amid the rustic charm of the island’s dockside eateries or the culinary artwork from your private chef. As day turns to night, the sky transforms into a canvas of stars, setting a perfect scene for some stargazing. Here, surrounded by your company and the gentle lull of the sea, the first chapter of your Bahamian saga gracefully concludes. Tomorrow holds the wonders of Staniel Cay.

Exclusive Yachts - Shark encounter at Compass Cay

Day 2: Compass Cay — Staniel Cay

As captivating as the previous night’s display was, the dawn at Compass Cay greets you with a spectacle equally breathtaking. Begin your day with a dip in the serene waters, a prelude to the day’s adventures, before enjoying a sumptuous breakfast aboard. Today’s voyage unveils Staniel Cay, waiting 7 nautical miles south. This secluded cay is a haven not only celebrated by celebrities seeking their slice of heaven but also renowned as the backdrop for iconic James Bond cinematic moments and for its rather famous and grumpy residents.

Pig Beach

No cruise through the Bahamas is complete without a visit to Big Majors Cay. A short hop from Staniel Cay, this location boasts the most unusual of celebrities, the swimming pigs. These charming creatures, now stars in their own right, draw visitors from across the globe for a swim. Anchor in the placid waters nearby and bring out the water toys awaiting to transform the sea into your personal playground, promising adrenaline-rushing excitement in unmatched settings.

Exclusive Yachts - island pigs in the bahamas




Thunderball Grotto


Venturing towards Staniel Cay, you’ll see the Thunderball Grotto, a natural wonder immortalized by Sean Connery’s feature in ‘Thunderball’ and ‘Never Say Never Again’. Thunderball Grotto lies underneath the shallow Caribbean waters and is an impressive underwater cave system full of exotic marine life. Divers go crazy about it, especially with all its hidden entrances.

Exclusive Yachts - Thunderball Grotto snorkeling
Exclusive Yachts - Staniel Cay yacht club




Staniel Cay Yacht Club


Staniel Cay Yacht Club lies just beyond and welcomes you with the vibrant, pastel-colored shoreside huts that capture the spirit of the Bahamas. Moor at the yacht club and prepare for the culinary delights served in the dockside restaurant. Wrap up day two by indulging the authentic Bahamian cuisines served, in a laid-back ambiance complemented by the gentle ballet of the setting sun.

Day 3: Staniel Cay — O’Brien’s Cay

Greet the dawn of your third day with a gourmet breakfast on the aft deck, or step ashore to sample the morning fare at the yacht club. Today, we navigate up the Exumas chain on a brief but scenic 11-nautical-mile journey to your next destination: the historic O’Brien’s Cay and its underwater realms. The short cruise affords the luxury of time, allowing for leisurely detours to revisit any missed wonders from yesterday, whether nestled in the depths or perched along the shores.

O’Brien’s Cay


Upon arrival at O’Brien’s Cay, you’ll unveil a spectacle hidden from mainstream tourists. Nestled within the Exuma Land and Sea Park, this secluded cay, accessible only by private yacht, has remained a well-kept secret, preserving its serene beauty and vibrant marine life. Snorkeling this sight unfolds as a tapestry of darting exotic fish and sprawling, rare corals, offering an underwater experience reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

Exclusive Yachts - O'Brian's Cay
Exclusive Yachts - O'Brian's Plane Wreck in the Bahamas

O’Brien’s Plane Crash


The Bahamas goes beyond its serene beaches and tranquil waters, it also whispers tales of a tumultuous past, marked by pirates and drug barons. The Exumas are home to silent witnesses of this era, with two submerged airplanes. One, located further north at Norman’s Cay, and the other, nestled on the bottom of O’Brien’s Cay. Take a deep breath and ascend the depts for an exploration of the submerged drug smuggler plane, a tangible piece of Carlos Ledher and Pablo Escobar’s legacy.

As the sun dips below the horizon, anchor in the calm waters and indulge in a culinary masterpiece prepared by your chef, served under the starlit sky. Retire to your cabins with the gentle lull of the sea rocking you to sleep as the captain steers you northward. Tomorrow promises another slice of the Bahamian paradise.

Day 4: O’Brien’s Cay — Highbourne Cay

As dawn breaks, find yourself already in the serene embrace of Highbourne Cay. Renowned as the gateway to the Exumas, this private cay spanning 500 acres is a wonder of nature, offering a marina, a charming restaurant, and an array of stunning beaches. Waking up anchored off the northern bay allows for a swift tender ride to the pristine beach or water activities post-breakfast—all set in an environment perfect for relaxation and nautical adventures alike.

Exclusive Yachts - beach in nassau, bahamas
Exclusive Yachts - seabob underwater


Highbourne Cay


For those who prefer adrenaline-filled activities rather than the tranquility of the beach, Highbourne Cay extends an abundance of opportunities. The calm waters, shielded from the open sea, present an ideal stage for jet skiing, water skiing, or gliding beneath the waves with SeaBobs. Fishing enthusiasts will find their haven here too, with the promise of deep-sea fishing adventures in pursuit of marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, and the crafty bonefish, ensuring to put up a thrilling fight.


Whether you’ve reeled in the catch of the day or basked under the sun’s caress, a tasteful end to the evening is guaranteed. Nestled beside the Highbourne Cay Marina in the southern bay, Xuma’s Restaurant and Bar awaits. Explore international dishes and local cuisines, with the grilled lobster fresh from local waters promising to enrich your Bahamian experience. This delightful meal marks the perfect culmination of your last night in the Caribbean paradise.

With dinner savored and the day’s adventures taking their toll, retreat to the comfort of your cabin. As you drift into slumber, the captain once again navigates the silent waters, ensuring one last stop before your journey comes to an end.

Day 5: Highbourne Cay — Nassau


Rose Beach

As dawn ushers in your final day, the luxury of choice greets you. Unfettered by the need for travel thanks to the overnight voyage, you’ll wake up near Nassau ready to immerse yourself in the last day of pleasure to the fullest. This nearby paradise is called Rose Island, a slender stretch of paradise adorned with beaches each boasting its unique allure, setting the stage for your trip’s final anchorage.

Exclusive Yachts - Rose Beach, Bahamas

The eastern shore of Rose Island is the given choice for those looking to conclude their Bahamian saga in serene exclusivity. Footprints Beach awaits as a secluded haven, its shallow waters invite you to bask in leisure or revel in the casual ambiance at Footprints Beach Bar and Grill. Under the Bahamian sun, accompanied by the attentive care of the staff, you and your companions can savor lunch and relish these last moments before the return to Nassau.

Sandy Toes Beach


If a lively finale to your journey is what you seek, aim to set your course for Sandy Toes Beach on a Sunday. The typically tranquil beach retreat transforms into a bustling hub of festivity, drawing together global travelers and local boaters alike in a celebration of community, complemented by refreshing beverages and the sizzle of grilled Bahamian specialties.

As you make your way back to the capital, allow yourself to cast a wistful glance back at the days gone by and the experiences you’ve shared with those dearest to you. All things beautiful do really come to an end, at least for this time…

Exclusive Yachts - footprints across a beach Bahamas

This five-day escape in The Bahamas, marked by the privacy and exclusivity of a private yacht trip, has been crafted to let the memories you make take center stage rather than being overshadowed by the stress of planning and overheads—fulfilling even the grandest imaginations thanks to our dedication to make Yachting. Smarter.