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Yacht tourism in the world

Most of the new marinas will be built in southern Italy, which has a lower number of marinas. Italy has already received a fruit of ambitious development projects in this area. The opening of Marina de Varazze with a capacity of 900 yachts in Venice was held this year. Croatia has implemented a plan to raise 16,000 yachts in 50 marines last year to 31,000 in 10 years. The country, which has mega yachting facilities on the island of Losinj, was preparing to commission the Marina in 2008, and commissioned a marina with a capacity of 400 yachts in 2006 in the city of Sibenic on the Adriatic coast. Bulgaria started the construction of the Black Sea coast to open the yacht tourism.

Marina Dinevi, which has the capacity of connecting 300 boats in Vlast, is preparing to operate this year. The number of mega yachts is increasing Looking at the yacht orders given in the world, the mega-yacht orders given by the high-income sector is a rapid rise. increased by 28 percent. When the 5-year development of the orders is examined, sailing yacht orders were stagnant, while motor yacht orders increased 75 percent from 2006 to 2006. Turkey has an important place in recent years between the yacht-producing countries in the world .