Welcoming Jill Hinckley as Exclusive Yachts’ New Ambassador

by | May 29, 2024 | Membership

We are thrilled to announce that Jill Hinckley has joined Exclusive Yachts as a new brand Ambassador. Jill’s deep-rooted connection to the yachting world and her passion for bringing people together on the water make her a perfect fit for our community.

A Legacy of Yachting Excellence

Jill Hinckley is a name synonymous with yachting heritage. Her grandfather founded Hinckley Yachts in 1928, a name that has become iconic in the industry. Growing up in a family that lives and breathes boating, Jill has an inherent love for the sea and an unparalleled understanding of the yachting lifestyle.

Jill’s husband, Sandy Spaulding, co-founded Barton & Gray Mariners Club. Barton & Gray has been a pioneer in offering a non-traditional yacht ownership experience, aligning with the experiential economy’s growing trend. Jill and Sandy believe that the boat membership club’s proven model takes all of the hassle out of the boating experience, allowing members to relax and enjoy time with their family and friends!

Expanding Horizons with Exclusive Yachts

Jill Hinckley’s decision to join Exclusive Yachts marks a significant milestone for us. Her move is not just a testament to her belief in our vision but also a statement about the unique value we offer. Jill has expressed her excitement about the variety and flexibility that Exclusive Yachts provides, a step above the offerings she has been accustomed to.

As Jill herself mentioned, the biggest piece of feedback from her time at Barton & Gray was the desire for more yacht options and international destinations. At Exclusive Yachts, we have listened to these needs and offer a diverse fleet ranging from 35 to 120+ feet, covering a broader spectrum of styles and sizes than any other membership club. Our members can enjoy yachting experiences around the globe, from the sun-drenched coasts of Florida to the pristine waters of the Mediterranean.

A Passion for Connection

Most recently, Jill launched LOVE + BOATS, a community that brings together people who share a passion for boats and everything related to them. Jill believes in the power of love and connection, and there’s no better way to share that love than by being out on the water. She brings this ethos to Exclusive Yachts, helping us foster a community where our members can create unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

An Exciting Voyage Ahead

This summer, Jill will be instrumental in helping us acquire new members in the Northeast, focusing on Maine, Massachusetts, and New York, particularly the Hamptons and surrounding areas. Additionally, she will be extending her influence in her other home base of Palm Beach, Florida.

Recently, Jill and Sandy enjoyed one of our exclusive sunset cruises in Palm Beach aboard our 64-ft Galeon yacht. The experience solidified their desire to align with Exclusive Yachts, and we are excited to deliver similar exceptional experiences to our members and future members.

“I am thrilled to join Exclusive Yachts as their Brand Ambassador. This opportunity allows me to blend my lifelong love of boating with my passion for connecting people. I look forward to helping Exclusive Yachts members enjoy unparalleled yachting experiences around the world.”

-Jill Hinckley, Founder of Love + Boats, and Exclusive Yachts Ambassador

Join Us in Welcoming Jill Hinckley

We are excited about the journey ahead with Jill Hinckley as an official Exclusive Yachts Ambassador. Her expertise, passion, and vision for the yachting lifestyle are unmatched, and we are confident that her involvement will elevate the Exclusive Yachts experience to new heights. 

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Jill Hinckley representing Exclusive Yachts. Her expertise, passion, and vision for the yachting lifestyle are unmatched. Jill’s involvement will undoubtedly elevate our members’ experiences and help us grow our community.” 

-David Arredondo, CEO of Exclusive Yachts

Join us in welcoming Jill and look forward to an exciting season of yachting adventures and new memories on the horizon!

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