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Sailing Pole Safe Exit

Check Trash Check the traction of the trawler, the straps of the trachea, the welds of the trachea. 5-year time is spent and the time is very close to the change of the used tracks. Check the rope rope Never reach the pole with ropes less than 10 mm thick. Inspect the rope, see if it is injured. Do not take the risk if you have a cut or wound in place. Get replacement mandar

Many people take the spare mandar on the sail mast, so that you are in double-rope protection, but it is not always easy to find this luxury. If possible, connect with the double mandrel, but if not, check the other rope thoroughly. Throw the izbarÁo bond Take the tie between the Mandar and the Traka. Do not rely on metal locks or other things. The safest method is izbarÁo bond. Take the crane by hand while exiting the pole On the pole, the person using the crane should use the lock section on the crane. We do not recommend. Here you can easily escape the rope and reduce the pole. Therefore, it is always a priority to control the rope with your hand. Take sufficient number of rounds to sail Give the number of rounds you can press the pole on the crane. In this case at least 4 rounds will be sufficient. Do not give more than the number of rounds, ropes can make jam. Keep an eye on the pole as you push it up. Do not hit too fast when you approach the Gurcan, there is a possibility of hitting.