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Olympic Games

The yacht races held in each Olympic meet since 1900, aside from 1904, delineate the general propensity in the period toward littler water crafts and, after mid-century, the expanding ubiquity of one-class hustling. Prior Olympics included races for water crafts of different sizes and loads.

The trouble and cost of freighting vessels and the expanding trouble of enrolling extensive beginner groups frequently prompted host nations winning the most races, in some cases as a matter of course. After World War II the quantity of classes balanced out and the extent of water crafts shrank. There were typically five classes, with 5.5-meter vessels prevailing, which incorporated a monotype (one-individual team), a two-man centreboard watercraft, a two-man keeled pontoon, a three-man one-plan pontoon, and an advancement vessel. Certain models probably won't show up in Olympic challenge one year however again be utilized in later diversions. Classes are named by the International Olympic Committee dependent on proposals made by the IYRU.